Converter for Consul 262.5 terminal keyboard and VDX 52600 terminal.
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Keyboard Converter: Consul 262.5 & VDX 52600

Terminal with keyboard and the converter

Arduino project for a keyboard converter between a Zbrojovka Consul 262.5 terminal keyboard and a Videoton VDX 52600 terminal.

Keyboard: Consul 262.5

Terminal keyboard from 1980s. It uses a DB25 connector with UART TTL data lines, clock line, +5V primary power and -12V auxiliary power.

Terminal: VDX 52600

VT52 termnial with a DIN5 keyboard connector that dones not use the standard AT keyboard protocol.


Interfaces the keyboard and the terminal, optionally a USB. These modes of operation are supported:

  1. Keyboard and terminal connected: primary standalone mode. Everything is powered from the terminal.
  2. Keyboard and USB connected: USB keyboard mode. Powered from the USB which acts as a HID keyboard.
  3. Terminal and USB connected: Serial keyboard over USB mode. Powered independently. Allows sending keystrokes to the terminal over USB serial.

Converter box

Parts needed

  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Symmetrical boost converter, 5V to +/- 12V
  • Piezo speaker
  • red and green LED + 470 ohm resistors
  • connectors
  • project box
  • (among others)



Terminal DIN5

Device Controller Description
GND GND Ground
+5V +5V Power
Data 6 Keyboard data to terminal
Status 7 Status (LEDs) from terminal

Keyboard DB25

Device Controller Description
GND GND Ground
+5V +5V Power
-12V -12V via a symmetrical boost converter
Serial out 3 UART out from keyboard
Serial in 4 UART in to keyboard

Box Interface

Controller Description
10 Offline LED
9 Online LED
8 Speaker