Firmware for ErgoDone split keyboard
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Dejvino’s ErgoDone Keyboard Firmware


  1. Clone this repo in recursive mode (with submodules): git clone --recurse-submodules <url>
  2. Setup QMK (see docs)
    1. Install qmk helper: python3 -m pip install --user qmk
    2. Run the setup: qmk setup
  3. Install Dejvino’s keyboard layout: ln -s $(pwd)/../keymap keyboards/ktec/ergodone/keymaps/dejvino


Run: make build


If you’re not on Linux, download the TKG Toolkit flashing utility for your system manually, otherwise let make do it.

  1. Enter flashing mode
    1. Disconnect KBD
    2. Press and hold two top-right-most keys on the left-half KBD
    3. Connect KBD (LEDs will be blinking)
  2. Run: make flash

Tip: just run make to compile & flash.

(see ErgoDone Readme for details on flashing)