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Mentioned in Awesome Selfhosted

This project is a simple, standalone, self-hosted PHP page that is meant to be your window to your server and the web.

It is your minimalist corner of the internet. The background will update with a gorgeous (and royalty free) image from Unsplash, or a custom source every 20 seconds. With it, a simple menu is available to you with your most frequented links.

All the assets needed are part of the repo so it can run offline (though it won’t fetch pretty background images for you).

This project uses:

  • Apache
  • PHP and PHP cURL
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Mousetrap.js
  • Font Awesome
  • Unsplash


Homepage w/o Menu: Homepage w/o Menu

Homepage with Menu Toggled: Homepage with Menu

To Use

Copy the config.sample.json file and rename to config.json. Be sure to update the fields as you see appropriate. You have the option to use the Unsplash API to fetch background images, or use a custom URL and JSON selector. If you choose to use Unsplash, will need to create a developer profile at Unsplash to use the background image functionality properly.

Configure Homepage

  • ‘unlock_pattern’ => Choose unlock pattern from Mousetrap
  • ‘clock_format’ => Choose pattern format from PHP’s date function
  • ‘time_to_refresh_bg’ => Time, in milliseconds, until it will fetch the next background image
  • ‘idle_timer’ => Set a number of milliseconds here if you’d like to automatically hide the menu after a certain time of inactivity. Leave this attribute out entirely if you don’t want an idle timer.
  • ‘items’ => The menu will be in a grid of 3 icons per row on desktop. Insert any link you’d like, or {{cur}} for the current URL of the page. Choose icons from Font Awesome

NOTE: PHP cURL is required for fetching external images.

Unsplash Background Images

  • ‘unsplash_client_id’ => Get Unsplash client ID from Unsplash

Custom Background Images

  • ‘custom_url’ => Input a custom URL that will return proper JSON
  • ‘custom_url_headers’ => Add any headers that may be needed to complete a cURL request to the aforementioned URL properly
  • ‘custom_url_selector’ => Input a proper PHP array selector to be used on the JSON received above. For example, if I were to fetch from Github’s user API with a ‘custom_url’ of ‘’, the ‘custom_url_selector’ would simply be “[‘avatar_url’]". [{random}] can be replaced for a random index in an array.